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Umbreon Sketch by SenatorDigitDaemon Umbreon Sketch :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 2 6 Wrath of the Mage Queen by SenatorDigitDaemon Wrath of the Mage Queen :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 22 6 Silken Heart Sketch by SenatorDigitDaemon Silken Heart Sketch :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 1 0 Pleasant Dreams and Pleasant Company by SenatorDigitDaemon Pleasant Dreams and Pleasant Company :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 13 3
Why we remember 9/11
The following is a short essay by a young, crazy, patriotic American. If you don't like America or feel no need to involve yourself in our problems, please move on. If you choose to read this however, please treat the subject with the respect it deserves.
At this time, twelve years ago, a passenger airliner crashed into one of the two towers of the World Trade Center. Before the end of that day, another airplane would impact the second tower, one would hit the Pentagon and flight 93 would crash in the countryside.
The events of September 11, 2001 marks the greatest single lose of American life since the Civil War and the single greatest terrorist attack on the continental United states. Before the day was over, more than 3,000 people had perished. Those who died included people of all ethnic backgrounds and all globally recognized religions.
Though the horror of these events are apparent and unforgettable, this is not the reason we should remember these events. The reason we should rem
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Surprise Romance by SenatorDigitDaemon Surprise Romance :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 3 0 Lunar Galaxy by SenatorDigitDaemon Lunar Galaxy :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 8 2 Luna Walking by SenatorDigitDaemon Luna Walking :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 5 2
BitS Chapter 13: Sleepless + Epilogue
Beacon in the Shadows
Cheerilee’s a Paladin
Chapter 13: Sleepless
By DigitDaemon
After the paladins sword had silenced Deceit once and for all, Celestia had rushed out to catch the falling mare, but Cheerilee had returned to her regular state and was already unconscious when the solar princess had caught her. The motionless form had been rushed to the castle medical wing, where doctors hypothesised and Onyx Loadstone confirmed that she was dying. Berry Punch and Symphony had been rushed in from Ponyville and were informed of the situation. Berry Punch had kept hope for a while but what she didn’t know is that Cheerilee’s biological functions were only still working because of left over nutrition and that the source of energy for her soul is what had been drained to nothing, and now, a few days later, the rest of Cheerilee’s family sat around her bed as her faint pulse grew ever weaker and closer to nothing.
Symphony was lying up against the fuschia mare
:iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 1 0
BitS Chapter 12: Cry Thunder
Beacon in the Shadows
Cheerilee’s a Paladin
Chapter 12: Cry Thunder
By DigitDaemon
At the end of a journey
And the start of a war
Our hero’s lie weary
Of the ending before
The black knight has fallen
Yet one pawn remains
It has crossed over the board
And reached undetained
It’s conversions beginning
But rises not a queen
The black wings unfurl
To reveal the unseen
A terrible shadow
Now crosses the game
And smothers the light
And burns it in flame
But out on the field
A single tower stands
It’s light a beacon
It’s hope not unfound
And now we must watch
As the last match begins
And either Equestria prevails
Or falls before sin
This battle is not ending
But only starting to unfold

Luna, in the form of Nightmare Moon, stood above the lifeless corpse of her opponent. After a moment's contemplation she snaked her magic up into the sky and gently nudged the celestial objects back into their proper place. Not long after there was another burs
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Luna in the Rain by SenatorDigitDaemon Luna in the Rain :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 0 0 NLRD by SenatorDigitDaemon NLRD :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 8 18
BitS Chapter 11: Through the Fire and the Flames
Beacon in the Shadows
Cheerilee’s a Paladin
Chapter 11: Through the Fire and the Flames
By: DigitDaemon
Braeburn steadied himself against the next break in the ramparts, and with a deep breath, fired again. That was his thirtieth kill in half as many minutes. The pegasi running resupply runs were have difficulty keeping him stocked with ammunition. He took another shot at the swarms of ponies and constructs below, and scored another hit, this time, it was one of the unicorns that were tirelessly funnelling The Children of the Night’s army from the rocky hills below up to the city. The marksman was about to take another shot when his attention was interrupted by the sound of wings behind him.
Lieutenant Flurry Wing gave Braeburn a salute, “Sir, your presence is requested by the princesses in the war room.”
Braeburn gave her an exasperated sigh, “And how am I supposed to get there? It’s almost a twenty minute trip from here.”
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Cade *hackcoughhack* Princess Mi Amore Cadenza by SenatorDigitDaemon Cade *hackcoughhack* Princess Mi Amore Cadenza :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 3 3 Sketchy TwiDash by SenatorDigitDaemon Sketchy TwiDash :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 11 6 New Icon Pic by SenatorDigitDaemon New Icon Pic :iconsenatordigitdaemon:SenatorDigitDaemon 0 0
This is my latest, not necessarily greatest, stuff.

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T Conrad
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, my name is Tom, but many of you would better know me as DigitDaemon. I am currently in my third semester of college and having a great time. I thought it was a bit far fetched when one of my favorite cartoon characters continuously pronounced her love of learning, but it seems that that bug has bitten me as well. I am studying computer science with the goal of transferring into UCI's Computer Game Science program.

In my off time I participate in volunteering through my Order of the Arrow chapter. I also write fiction and draw. My writing has improved immensely over the last couple of years, but my spelling has only gotten a little better. My sketching ability is actually pretty good as long as I am familiar with the subject matter but I am still learning digital art.

My favorite subjects are Pokemon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Cold War era, and military tactics. Oh, and one other small thing video games. I got my first game when I was five, Pokemon:Yellow Version and it had a huge impact on my life. I honestly don't know what I would be studying right now if I hadn't been introduced to gaming; It stimulates my creativity and imagination and gives me a great outlet for my frustrations in life. Another thing that I picked up as kind of a hobby is quantum mechanics. I understand the concepts well enough to scare myself sometimes.

Anyways, I hope to see you around, feel free to ask me anything. I may not answer some questions, but feel free to ask. Or, just leave a comment saying hi.

Is life not the story we write with our actions instead of our pen?

What If...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 10:41 PM
...I wrote an original story?

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  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Milk, its good for you! (but not me)


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